Monday, May 11, 2009

Day of Decision

Soon California will be releasing it's decision whether or not to invalidate Prop 8. The court must rule within 90days of the March 5th hearings - which means by June 3rd at the latest. Find a rally near you!

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Tom & Darin 2nd Class Citizens said...

Proposition 8 is Wrong. Hate is always Wrong. We as a gay and lesbian community will turn this into a chance to do something positive nationwide.
As gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender,transexual people -We Will
Do What the Churches Should Have Done in the first place,Take Care of our fellow man"

We will show thru our LGBT Love that we are committed to bettering our communities. We will follow the inspiration of Barak Obama "All Free, All Equal and All Deserving of the ability to Pursue Happiness"
What I ask is very simple. Do it peacefully. Do it for those in society who are lacking civil rights. Do it for the many who have fallen thru the cracks. We have record numbers of homeless people including children and families, I challenge you to help them.
Do something good, even if it means doing something as small as donating a can of food.Donate a used clean clothing item,donate a small bathroom kit. But do something.

Thanks and May God Bless!
Tom and Darin

google:proposition 8 food drive Utah