Monday, November 10, 2008


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Separate is NOT equal. Stand up for Equal rights for everyone! LGBT Community wants EQUAL RIGHTS NOW!

This protest poster is for you to print, copy, email, make posters of, do what you need to! Spread the word!


beefnfur said...

Hey. Check out the flyer at It's worth distributing to people, houses, cars with Yes on 8 bumper stickers, house signs, support, etc.

Anonymous said...

That's a fact : I love the female gender and I'm a woman. I dislike the communities or ghettos whatever they are. I'm not proud to have that kind of love choice, because it's not a question of pride: that's just a parameter in my personnality and life. I don't live through my love choice, I'm not a militant, I don't have other friends who love as I love, I don't watch movies or TV shows which are made for the so-called people such as me because I can appreciate a kiss or a sex scene between a man and a woman ; the reason to explain my attitude is that all is a question of love. Nevertheless, that's the first time - and I hope the last one - that I'm angry deeply angry against some people who are more ignorant than believer. Of course, my love choice is not a majority but I need to have the same rights than the others! I'm French, not American, but I share the fight, for once. EmelineX