Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Supreme Court Protest - Get Involved!

From our Friends at JOIN THE IMPACT:

California Supreme Court hears oral arguments on validity of Prop 8 : How you can get involved!

On March 5th, the California Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the case to repeal Proposition 8 and confirm that fundamental freedoms cannot be stripped from minorities by a popular vote. You can show your support for the repeal of Proposition 8 in four ways:

1. Get to San Francisco

Thousands of people are expected to come from all across the state to the California Supreme Court Building in San Francisco in the hopes of attending the oral argument to repeal Proposition 8 and confirm that fundamental freedoms cannot be stripped from minorities by a popular vote. Buses of students are being arranged from Southern California so that young people can witness this civil rights moment of their generation. They created this website for the event

This is so important that I've extended my trip in California and Amy is flying down with her wife from Seattle.

You can come and witness it too -- join thousands of us in San Francisco on March 5th for this historic moment. Across the state and across the country, citizens are coming together to form carpools and rideshares. Any way that you can, please try and get to San Francisco for March 5th!

2. Help ensure that everyone can view the oral arguments

Unfortunately, there is very very limited seating in the courtroom and little overflow viewing. We will be gathering in front of the California Supreme Court in Civic Center Plaza. Only a few will be able to go inside -- but with your help, the rest will be able to view the proceedings from outside. I'm hoping you will help Marriage Equality USA raise the funds we need to ensure that everyone can see and hear the historic oral arguments together on the Civic Center Plaza on an huge Jumbotron.

We need to raise $30,000 (for the Jumbotron and sound systems for the community candlelight vigil the night before and the day of the hearing). If we can do this, we will jointly create the most incredible historic community moment of the year!

All donations are tax deductible and will be used solely for getting the Jumbotron and sound system we need to provide our community the opportunity to watch and participate as history is made.

We only have a week - can you please forward this on to everyone you know and ask them to contribute. Gifts of $20.00, $10.00, and even $5.00 will help inch us closer to our goal. All donations are gratefully appreciated!

Please forward any questions to Molly McKay at (510) 332-0872

3. Wear white

Join the Impact has called upon our community, whether you can be in San Francisco or not, to please wear white on March 5th. This can be a tee-shirt, a feather boa, or white leather or a White Knot. Wherever you are -- wear white on March 5th to show your support! Wearing white is a simple symbol of solidarity across our country.

4. Eve of Justice Candlelight Vigils

The night before the oral arguments, Marriage Equality USA is also helping to convene candlelight vigils across the state (in 20 cities and counting) in support of protecting the Constitutional Promise of Equality for All! To find a vigil near you go to or

In solidarity, Willow
Join The Impact Co- Executive Director

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Get ready for the Rally! Download and Print your Protest Posters NOW!

Wednesday, March 4 is the day before the California Supreme Court hears oral arguments on the validity of Prop 8. That evening, we’ll stand together and send a unified message to our fellow Californians, including the Supreme Court Justices, that individual liberties like the right to marry are guaranteed by the Constitution to everyone and cannot be stripped away at the ballot box by a bare majority. Just as important, we will give our love and support to all the families headed by same-sex couples who are threatened by the recent electoral outcome, as well as same-sex couples whose hopes and dreams of marriage and family have been frustrated by enactment of Prop 8.

To read the parties' filings and the dozens of amicus 'friend of the court' briefs filed on behalf of Civil Rights Organizations, Bar Associations, Academics, Women's Groups, Faith and Religious Groups, and many others go to

March 5th - Supreme Court Oral Argument Hearing 9am to noon.

Television viewing:

Local Public Viewings: Check your local city for viewing locations as they become available.

Equality should not be put up for a popular vote.

• Prop 8 is a radical and unprecedented change to the California Constitution that puts all Californians at risk.
• Prop 8 defeats the very purpose of our constitution, which is to protect minorities and to make sure the law treats everyone equally.
• This is the first time the initiative process has successfully been used to change the California Constitution to take away a fundamental freedom from a particular group and to mandate government discrimination against a minority.
• If prop 8 is upheld, the courts will no longer have a meaningful role in protecting minority groups or women, since any decision prohibiting discrimination could be reversed by a simple majority.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Dustin Lance Black's acceptance speech at Oscars

Last night at the Oscars, Sean Penn and Dustin Lance Black took home Oscars for their contributions to Milk. Screenwriter, Dustin Black, gave an amazing acceptance speech that Harvey Milk would have been proud of. Our friend and human rights activist, Cleve Jones, must have been very proud and happy last night. He worked very hard to see that Harvey's legacy was made into a movie for millions to see the story of the man who has inspired generations of the gay and lesbian community.

Sean Penn won the Oscar for Best Actor and Dustin Lance Black took home the award for Best Original Screenplay.

The Courage Campaign is asking you to thank Dustin Lance Black, Sean Penn and Cleve Jones for working so hard to make "MILK". They are asking you to sign this letter:

"Thank you, Dustin Lance Black, Sean Penn and Cleve Jones, for bringing 'Milk' and Harvey Milk's message of hope to millions. In the aftermath of Prop 8, we all need hope and inspiration. Thank you for your continued activism in the movement to restore marriage equality to California."

Friday, February 6, 2009

Protest Tee's Sale - Save 25%

I'm moving at the end of the month... The less tees I have to move the better! Save over 25% NOW on protest tees. Show your support for marriage equality today. Buy a shirt for your partner for Valentine's or Freedom to Marry Protest. Choose from: "SEPARATE CHURCH / STATE", "LOVE IS LOVE", "LOVE NOT H8" and "SEPARATE IS NOT EQUAL".

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fidelity - Please Don't Divorce Us

Here is the video by the Courage Campaign with the "PLEASE DON'T DIVORCE ..." photo series. The photo montage of gay and lesbian couples and their supporters is set to Regina Spektor's "Fidelity" ... Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Freedom To Marry Day - CHICAGO EVENT- Feb 12

Join the Impact National has teamed up with Marriage Equality USA to promote Freedom to Marry Week (February 9-15). From JTI's website:

On National Freedom to Marry Day, Thursday, February 12, 2009, at local marriage counters in cities all over the country, same-sex couples will request marriage licenses at their local County Clerk's Offices to raise awareness of the harms and impact that the inability to marry causes on their families. This national event is hosted yearly by Marriage Equality USA (MEUSA) and this year they have asked Join the Impact for our help to make this their largest Marriage Counter Action yet!

Let's keep the momentum going! Join the Impact Chicago, along with the GLN, is sponsoring this year's Freedom To Marry Day Protest on Saturday, February 14th (Valentine's Day).

Here are the details:
National Freedom to Marry Day Protest
Satruday, February 14
11 AM
118 N. Clark (City Hall)

The demonstration begins at 11, and then as a group we will go down to the Marriage License Bureau and demand that it issue marriage licenses to those same-sex couples who want them. In doing so, we will be joining in Freedom to Marry Week activities happening across the nation.

Bring your cameras and videocameras! We want this action publicized as much and as fast as possible.

Our canvassing committee is working on a flyer as we speak. If you are interested in canvassing for Freedom to Marry Day, please contact Nik (, Stephen (, Patrick (, or Drew (

RSVP on Facebook!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Freedom to Marry Day - February 12

Join the Impact and Marriage Equality USA will be hosting FREEDOM TO MARRY DAY in San Diego. See the flyer I designed for them for more details.
Same-sex couples will request marriage licenses to raise awareness of the harms and impact that the inability to marry causes on their families, When denied a license and marriage rights by the state.

Leaders of the faith community will be available to preform marriage rites. We still have our freedom of religion!

February 12, 2009
7:30am to 9:00am
on the West Steps of the
County Administration Building
1600 Pacific Highway
San Diego, CA


Couples -- same-sex and opposite sex -- who are interested in being married or in having their vows renewed on Freedom to Marry Day,  contact Fernando Lopez at or Sara Beth Brooks at