Sunday, November 16, 2008

San Francisco Prop 8 Protest Poster Photos!

WOW! Thank you all so much who came out to support Protest of Prop 8. I can't express enough gratitude to those who used this poster-making resource to produce signs for the event. I was overwhelmed at the amount of signs, large and small, and t-shirts that people had used images from this site to create for protest.

I met many amazing people who made my signs. Here are photos from the San Francisco Protest on Prop 8, November 15, 2008.

I love this photo of these many different signs from this blog. It's like a living collage.

Separate Church and State was a big theme at the protests. I saw many signs in San Francisco
printed out from this blog of my typographic STATE/CHURCH separation.
Someone made their own interpretation of my Separate Chruch/State graphic, hand painted as a big sign.

Mateo and Beans, rockin' my Separate Church/State Tees at the Protest on November 15!

Rhiannimation and Figgy B, showing their latest fashion trend, Protest Tees!
Figgy B also made a VOW NOW - Marriage Equality Poster.

LOVE NOT H8 was another very popular poster at the rally.

Two really cool ladies I met showing LOVE NOT H8 Posters.

Here you see LOVE NOT H8 and WE ARE OUT RAGED in the crowd.

I found this image by Yanik of a guy holding a Love Not H8 Protest Sign.

This is a cool poster duo... Someone made a poster with a side-by-side image and the image from our friends at Clubcard SF who generously printed the flyers for this rally.

One of the most popular and respected signs was SEPAR8 IS NOT EQUAL. I saw this lovely woman on her bike holding this sign. I approached her, told her I designed the sign and asked if I could take her photo. She said, "Sure". She informed me that she had them all over her office. I snapped a photo and she flipped the sign around to STR8 AGAINST H8 and her friend took a picture of us. I hurried away back into the crowd.

Shortly after, she came back up to me. She thanked me for making the sign and told me that it meant a lot to her and was a special concept because her grandfather was Earl Warren, the Supreme Court Justice who ruled on Brown vs. Board of Education in 1954 on that very concept of SEPARATE IS NOT EQUAL.

Separate Is Not Equal and Love is Love in the protest crowd in front of City Hall.

I met this amazing couple and their daughter. They were sporting
Protest Posters propped in their backpacks.

I was walking down the street and saw this cutie standing next to me waiting to cross the street.
She had the WE ARE OUT-RAGED sign.

This couple was very cool. They were very proud to be straight, to be supporting the fight against hate with a homemade STR8 AGAINST H8 sign, and supporting their son who was in New York at the same time protesting at an event he organized. They also have some Separate Church/State T-shirts for the future!

These guys made their own shirts with posters from the site.

WHO WOULD JESUS HATE was a popular question amongst protesters.

This image is 4 of my protest poster designs appeared online in the San Francisco Chronicle and ABC News on November 15.

The Mio & Earl Warren's granddaughter showing off her STR8 AGAINST H8 sign she made from this blog.

Please submit your photos with posters, signs or tshirts you made from this blog.

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