Sunday, May 31, 2009

Celebs come out in support of Marriage Equality

This weekend was the wonderful event for Equal rights, Meet in the Middle for Equality. It was held in Fresno. There were several powerful speakers and inspiring activists. Several celebrities came out for the event and some of them even scored some of my protest tees!
TR Knight gave a great speech on the creation of the "3rd Class Citizen". TR and Mark scored my Separate Church and State Shirts.

Dustin Lance Black, Oscar award winning screenwriter for the movie "Milk", gave a very powerful speech that Harvey Milk would be very proud of. It was inspiring and motivating. He is truly a man of words. He scored one of my Separate Church and State shirts too.

Super cutie, Michelle Clunie, from the TV Show "Queer as Folk" scored one of my Love Is Love Tees.
Charlize Theron showed up and listened to the speakers and activists from backastage.

Among the other celebs in attendance were, Eric McCormick, better known as Will from Will & Grace. The creator of Will & Grace, Max Mutchnick was also there. Kian, from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, made a brief appearance. 

Famous activist, Cleve Jones, and Christine Chavez, granddaughter of Cesar Chavez were also there so speak out againts Prop 8.

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