Friday, January 2, 2009

Make your own Mini Flyers!

Here's a really easy way to make your own many flyers. You can use these to pass out to friends or at rallies to people who don't have signs. You can also post them in your window of your home or business to show your support for the LGBT community and Marriage Equality for all.

Step 1:
DOWNLOAD this image to your computer.

Step 2:
PRINT the image out on standard letter paper (8.5 x 11") 

Step 3:
PHOTOCOPY or print out mulitple copies

Step 4:
Simply fold one of the copies in half length wise and then in half width wise. This will create a creased cross shape in the center. This is where you cut! Simple as that. If you are measuring, you cut in the center of each edge so, lengthwise you cut 5.5" and width wise you cut 4.25". Your final flyers will be 4.25" x 5.5".

Step 5:
Go to a rally or protest and spread the word and the flyers!

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