Monday, January 5, 2009

Open Letter to Barak Obama - 1 MILLION Signatures Needed!

In protest of DOMA (Defense of Marraige Act), we are coming together as a community asking the supporters of the LGBT community and marriage equality to help us gather 1 million signatures to deliver to President Barak Obama his first day in office. We want him to know that we will not wait for equality!

We need you to help. It's easy and every signature represents a supporter helping us get closer to our goal. Reach out to the largest group of people you know that support you and your right for Marriage Equality and for your love to be recognized equally under the law. Think of all the people you know - friends, family, co-workers, church members, neighbors, business owners - and ask them to support YOU.

Step 1:  READ the Open Letter to Obama
Step 2:  PRINT out the Letter and Signature Pages
Step 3:  COLLECT
signatures from people who support you
Step 4:  MAIL your pages in by January 12, 2009.

> Print the Open Letter to Obama and Signature Forms

January 21, 2009

Dear President Obama,

Congratulations on your historic and inspiring victory. Your lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender citizens, along with families, friends, and heterosexual allies, would like to welcome you to the White House. We are thrilled to see that true change has come to this country.

During your election campaign you wrote an open letter to us, making it clear that you were committed to gaining ‘full equality for the millions of LGBT people in this country.’ In that letter you asked for our vote and promised to:

• Repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and ensure that states treat same-sex couples with full equality in their family and adoption laws

• Enact a fully inclusive Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) to outlaw workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity

• Repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

• Enact the Matthew Shepard Act to outlaw hate crimes against our community

• Confront the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the stigma surrounding it

• Amend the Uniting American Families Act to afford same-sex couples the same rights and obligations as married couples in our immigration system 

We come to you as esteemed citizens of the United States of America in need of equal protections under the law for all families. The LGBT community is part of this diverse country, but do not share the same rights as their heterosexual brothers and sisters. In the spirit of family, respect, and of course, hope, we will work with you to make these promises become a reality.

We paid attention to the statements you made during your campaign, and we voted for you. Now, as you take office, we ask something in return. Please keep your promises to the LGBT community and provide the leadership needed to achieve true equality for all Americans.

Sincerely, Your Fellow Americans


Now, PRINT out the Open Letter to Obama and Signature Forms

Collect Signatures and Mail them in! The deadline for mailing the signature pages is January 12 for us to get them to Barack Obama on his first day in office.

PO Box 141491
Columbus, OH 43214

Join your friends and family of the LGBT Community and Protest DOMA on January 10th. We need to collect 1 Million signatures from across the country to President Obama on his Inauguration Day. We will not wait for him to act on his promises to our community.

1 comment:

Thomas said...

fully support Marriage Equality, I have to laugh at this tactic. OK, I get collecting all of these signatures. but to want to deliver them on his first day in office, with the message, "
we will not wait..." Come on and get real. The economy and wars across the globe already give the new president a full plate, and anyone will have trouble seeing Marriage Equality as being important enough to require being on the first day he is in office.

If we truly want change and equality, we are going to need to create strategies that help us win, instead of making us look like selfish brats.

Even more importantly, we need to make some positive ground on this issue. So, we need a strategy set up to produce a win for us instead of further setbacks.